Adam Bechtol

Adam Bechtol


thinker, venturer, dauntless dreamer, wisdomseeking wanderer, madcap meandering mercurial maverick, gallivanting gallant gadabout, restless roving roaming rambler, fearless foolhardy factotum, scrupulous swashbuckler, impetuous insouciant, nonchalant ne'er-do-well, gallant adventurer

My Endeavors

"I can slay a dragon, any old week. Easy."

My Goal: To be fairly decent at most things.

Humanities n' Horseplay

Investigating the human condition through music, pretending I can paint, tap dance, singing, learning new instruments, cooking etc... Along with my passion for education.


Originally my blog about financial matters, I may put more personal thoughts and philosophy in there, in any event it's worth checking out for just the quotes at the beginning of each post.

Nat-Sci & Tech

Environmentalism, virtual reality, IT, web/game/3D design, animation, video, alternative energy, recycling, how-to, electronics, aeronautics, outer space.

Latest Work

"I can do it, put me to it, give me something I can overcome."

Beautiful Backyard

A whimsical webseries on the nature one can discover in their own backyard.


You can catch me playing PC games live on Youtube and Twitch. Also, you might find me playing music, cooking, taking things apart or just trying something new per your suggestion. So come keep me company!
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Good sir, I must speak with you

I'm almost always looking for the next interesting adventure to embark upon. Perhaps we can make some money, or work together to help those in need.

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